October 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

An entire life soaked into a few cells.

One by one, they fall away,

And time claims back that which it once owned.

Do we really own anything,

Even our memories?

Once they’re gone –

What then?

© Chris Young, 7 Oct 2012

Dementia concerns me. We all know that, after Tourettes, Senile Dementia is the funniest of all illnesses, and I thoroughly look forward to amusing my friends with my increasingly erratic memory-loss. It’s started already. I regularly lose entire conversations from my memory, and it’s not all to do with the drink. It happens when I’m stone-cold sober. I can only see it getting worse as I stumble headlong into the second half of my life.

I only hope that the things I will forget first are all the bad things in life. Like Bonnie Langford and Caramac.

But at least I’ll be able to watch all my dvds again and not know the endings.

Assuming, of course, I can remember how to work the player. And where I live.


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