Hello, little e…

October 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello, little electronical world pixie friends!

I thought it high time I did something more on my rather empty and neglected wordpress page, and although I missed National Poetry Day (was that only in Britain? Probably), I did write a small piece today on a theme that has been on my mind for some time now; forgetfulness. At least, when I remember to think about it, it’s on my mind (insert laughter here).

Rather aptly, I may have forgotten how to load up a poem into the required folder, so I’m going to write it here too. But be warned – this has not been polished. It is a first draft, written down as it came into my mind during my waking moments this morning. I eagerly await your bad ratings and vehement reviews. To paraphrase Bernard Black, “it’s terrible, but it’s short”. It is called, quite simply,



An entire life soaked into a few cells.

One by one, they fall away,

And time claims back that which it once owned.

Do we really own anything,

Even our memories?

Once they’re gone –

What then?


7 Oct 2012


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